Sunday, June 29, 2008

"About those bones…" And Other Awkward Conversations

EE dog "About those bones..." And Other Awkward Conversations

Have you ever been in one of those awkward conversations with someone from another race where both of you are talking to each other about some topic that has racial/racist undertones—but both people are pretending that what they are saying is race neutral? You both know exactly what the other person means, but no one would dare speak it out loud? And not necessarily big news topics like the OJ trial or the DC Snipers, but regular everyday conversations. I’ll give you an example of something that recently happened to me.
I live in a neighborhood that is in the midst of full-on gentrification. So for the first time in my lifetime, I have a significant number of white neighbors. The community has become not only ethnically diverse, but economically diverse. You have million dollar homes next to boarding houses next to coffee houses next to rats next to condos next to crackhouses next to art galleries next to low-income rentals. In other words, it’s a Chinese fire drill and there’s never a dull moment. But my point is, and I do have one, is that it sets up a lot of awkward conversations. Like the one I had walking my dog yesterday.
I ran into my neighbor who I’ll call, “Jim.” Now, a little quick background info: there is an apartment building in my neighborhood that I pass on my dog-walking route and without fail, there are always chicken bones in front of it. And its annoying because my dog gets into the bones and there’s nothing I like less than having to wrestle a drumstick out of my dog’s mouth in 90 degree heat. My dog has even begun to develop a Pavlovian response when he gets onto this particular block– his excitement is obvious as he approaches in anticipation of a quick bone nibble before I can intervene.
So anyway, I run into Jim, who also lives in the neighborhood, with his house being right across the street from the Chicken Bone Apartments (CBA). He is also a dog owner and we often talk in passing about our canine companions. Like most neighbor-to-neighbor relationships in the twenty-first century, that’s all we really know about each other. So one day I run into him, shortly after passing the CBA and wrestling several chicken wing bones from my dog. So sure, I was a little miffed. So I speak to him and start expressing my frustration at our neighbors leaving so much litter and food waste outside of their apartment building.
So here I am, in the midst of an inner-city neighborhood talking to this white yuppie about my neighbors, who live in the apartment building (of whom 99.978% are black), about the problem of chicken bones and trash outside of the building. It was so fraught with unspoken racial undertones. On one hand I almost felt guilty for talking to him about this, which no doubt reinforces stereotypes he may have about black folks, but on the other hand why can’t I talk to a neighbor about a problem that affects everyone in the community? It’s that damn DuBois duality again. How can I implore my neighbors to keep the neighborhood clean and chicken bone free without it feeling like Im betraying some black chicken brotherhood? And on the flip side if there is a neighborhood meeting and a white person mentions people throwing out too many chicken bones on the sidewalk, he’s viewed as making a racist comment.
So I can’t talk about the chicken bones in front of the CBA and the white guy can’t talk about the chicken bones in front of the CBA, so we all just go about our business and nothing gets done. I understand that black people and chicken are a sensitive topic but jeez louise. As we increasingly live and work together, we’re going to have to figure out how to navigate these awkward discussions. When will people realize that you can have a race-neutral beef with people who just happen to be black? I’m not some elitist Uncle Tom if I complain, and “Jim” is not some racist if he complains. We’re both just people who want the neighborhood to be clean and safe. If the residents in the CBA were white folks, I’d talk about them too. It’s really quite simple: I don’t care what color you are, stop throwing your chicken bones, red Solo cups and McDonald’s wrappers on the ground.
So, its time to go walk the dog and maybe, just maybe, this will be a bone-free day. I can dream can’t I? And for the smart ass who will undoubtedly tell me to just cross the street, you can get bent.
Peace people.

95 Responses to “"About those bones…" And Other Awkward Conversations”

  1. ms_mac on 29 Jun 2008 at 6:40 pm #

    I’m confused about why you even feel awkward or guilty talking to your neighbor? The crux of this whole situation reminds me of the whole “they don’t know better” debate. If people don’t “know better” than to litter their neighborhoods — the same neighborhood you pay exorbitant taxes and or mortgage/rent to live in — why should there be any shame in calling their asses out? And who cares if you call them out to a White man? Doesn’t this man pay these same taxes/mortgages/rent and have to experience the same filth? Why should he be limited to the amount of feedback or conversation he shares with you as it relates to the condition of HIS neighborhood? Afterall, it is HIS neighborhood too, right??

    See, IMO, that’s what’s wrong with this society these days. We give too much power to the people who engage in too much f**kery. {Lawd, they got me cussin on a Sunday!!}

    This is my thing. People don’t speak up enough. We’re all so afraid of hurting the next man’s feelings that we don’t realize that our own feelings are being ignored in the process. I could give a damn about whether the conversation is coming from a White man, Chinese man or fellow Negro. It’s all the same to me. And as long as we’re fighting for a common, positive purpose, there shouldn’t be any shame attached to that, even if it is supposedly against one of our “own.” And for the record, just cause someone’s the same shade as me doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be admonished for stupidity. Trash is trash — be it the chicken bone kind or the human variety.

  2. jamdonaldson on 29 Jun 2008 at 9:33 pm #

    I think you’re absolutely right.

  3. Intiasar F. on 29 Jun 2008 at 11:14 pm #

    I agree wholeheartedly and am still laughing my boots off @ “chicken bone brotherhood”! In Goodie Mob’s second album “Still Standing” there’s an interlude in which Gipp makes a “Public Service Announcement(with conviction). He says that he’s sick of seeing trash on the damn street. Candy paper wrappers and all that. He goes on to say (and this is the best part) also you standing around with your homies drinkin on a lil “somethin, somethin”, ya’ take it and pour some out to ya dead homey, but then you throw the bitch right at em. All around the nation, he says, we fuckin up our own hood!

    Intiasar F. Kyng

  4. caratime2 on 30 Jun 2008 at 11:44 am #

    I have to agree with the folks who already posted on this one. It seems this whole pseudo-pc ish has people are in a choke hold. You’re darned if you do and damned if you don’t.

    My opinion: This is the f*cking 21st century. If you haven’t gotten the memo by now that it is NEVER cool to throw trash and garbage around YOUR neighborhood and in YOUR danged front yard, you either need to get with the program quick or get you *ss whupped!

    (My dachshunds would have those bones lodged in their throats before I could bend down that far to save them. I know people don’t want me to go ballistic when those two started throwing up on the rug or needing constipated ish pulled out of their booty holes because of foolishness like that….!)

  5. T.Allen-Mercado on 30 Jun 2008 at 9:06 pm #


    much of anything i’d have to add has already been said. having a non-black husband has alleviated the ‘need’ to tip-toe around such issues and thickened my skin to the reality that it simply is what it is. i put it out there and let the chips fall where they may. now i’m not going to sit here and tell you i haven’t been called any and everything under the sun on both sides, but shit-my yard is clean. ;)

  6. Anonymous on 01 Jul 2008 at 3:30 am #

    i think its in our genes to throw chicken bones out the window. while driving down stony island in chictown, i went to kfc and i was maxing some wings and for some dumb A reason, just threw the bones out of the window. i was like WTF are you doing! it was like a camera shot in a spike lee movie. i continued to eat them and disposed of them in the bag in which it came. i know better just sometimes DONT do better. its like at work people are NOT professional. i came from very professional jobs and suddenly im acting like them. maybe when im in the hood skirtn on 17′s i feel like girl you can be real black and just throw bones out the window. nevermind that its rats in the city or signs telling you not to throw food. i have to go back to doing better. sometime i nigress :) (my new world for ni$$a and digress)

  7. Anonymous on 01 Jul 2008 at 2:37 pm #

    hahahahahahaha Jam you’re hilarious. I feel your pain, and the proverbial goosebumbs rising along the front of your ears,while talking to “Jim”, about the chicken bones, cigarette butts and empty black & mild boxes.


  8. jamdonaldson on 01 Jul 2008 at 8:29 pm #

    YES!!!!!! EXACTLY!!!! LOL at Black ‘N Mild Boxes….

  9. Angel on 02 Jul 2008 at 3:22 pm #

    I am crying right now , I’m laughing so hard. I can’t even begin to express how true this all is. It’s compounded for me because I’m constantly having to reaffirm my “blackness” (i’m mixed, adopted, and raised in a blk family) to my white friends because I get that “why do you care, you’re not black” look….or I have to explain to my spanish friends that I don’t “get” what they’re saying… because THEY assume I’m puerto rican. But…yea….i’m pretty much learning to confine my conversation to my family and my cats.

  10. kellye on 02 Jul 2008 at 4:55 pm #

    Once again Jam, you have hit the nail on the head with your blog.

    I have friends who are “darker in skin color” then I am (I am almost ghostly, I am so white, LOL)and there are times that one of us will say something that upsets another person who may be with us. (Friends of mine or friends of theirs.)

    People need to realize that not everyone in the world really cares what color your skin is or what religion you practice (or don’t practice) or what kind of music you listen to. What’s important to me is that we can have an intelligent conversation, a good laugh and maybe even share a tear or two somewhere along the line. This rascist b.s. needs to die a quick death….ON ALL SIDES!

    Thanks for giving me a place to laugh and rant, Jam. Keep up the terrific work!

    Signed: A fan from Oregon

  11. Crys on 02 Jul 2008 at 6:46 pm #

    well, i think you are being insensitive much! the bones of course are for the stray dogs….so when i eat chicken and throw my bones out the window – i feel like i’m doing a good thing. lmao!

  12. kellye on 02 Jul 2008 at 6:53 pm #

    To go totally off the subject….

    Crys said…
    well, i think you are being insensitive much! the bones of course are for the stray dogs….so when i eat chicken and throw my bones out the window – i feel like i’m doing a good thing. lmao!

    Nice to know that you can lyao at the fact that you are going to choke a dog. What a rude post.

  13. Megan on 02 Jul 2008 at 9:31 pm #

    Thanks so much for talking about this one. I live in Mt. Vernon Square in DC, having moved from H Street. Both places have the same problems of new white yuppies mixing in with the old neighborhood and all sorts of discomfort on everyone’s part. You have to understand, as a white person struggling with my own acknowledged prejudices (everybody’s got ‘em) but trying to do right anyway and be a good neighbor, I don’t even know what I can say — to anyone. Can I ask my single black mother neighbor with the three kids to take in her trash cans from the street after three days, or will she think I’m calling her out because I’m a racist and I’m judging her housekeeping or parenting skills? Can I ask the dudes bumping rap across the street to turn it down without seeming racist? Can I say ‘y’all’ to people? Being from the South, I used to say y’all all the time until I got called a “racist white bitch” when I said it to a black man in Home Depot (politely asking him if he was in line). I’m still not sure why he thought it was racist, but it made me reconsider saying it.
    This seems like silly shit, but my point is that white people too have to navigate this weird sort of racial minefield, every day. It’s a relief to hear from a black person that y’all (oops) are thinking about it too.

  14. nista206 on 02 Jul 2008 at 11:55 pm #

    Forget the dog bones…. I’m in corporate America, so the undertones are far worse than trying to tip-toe around trifling black ppl. I’m surrounded by a bunch of conservative, naive, accountants; of which, most are republicans. & guess what, I’m one of only 5 (150 ppl total) black ppl in the entire dpt. So, everytime I’m put on a new team, I have to be the “spoke person” for my culture. I have to defend us. I have to explain us. I have to listen to ppl talk about what part of town they don’t go on b/c it’s “a little dangerous.” I have to hear ppl talk about how Obama is an idiot that doesn’t deserve to be president; not to mention everyone assumes that I’m voting for him b/c I’m black. I have to hear ppl talk about their 2.5 kids, & house w/ the picket fence, as I wonder why in the hell there are so many single black women/mothers in this country. I have to endure the awkward stares & comments when they try to “relate” to me.

    So, quite honestly, I’d rather the awkward convo’s w/ random neighbors.

  15. kellye on 03 Jul 2008 at 5:24 pm #

    nista206, your problems are what make me sometimes despise my “race” of people. I truly wish, like I said in my first comment, that the racial b.s. would just die a quick death.

  16. nista206 on 03 Jul 2008 at 6:28 pm #

    Kellye, I wish it would as well. But racism is nothing but fear & misunderstanding. But, even the educated are uneducated.

  17. kellye on 03 Jul 2008 at 9:20 pm #

    Amen, nista, amen

  18. candelaria silva on 06 Jul 2008 at 3:11 am #

    I’ve been in the same dilemma but but then I think – I’m black. Why do I have to be embarassed? Why can’t I say what’s on my mind when people are out of line no matter what their color?
    It’s always a judgment call – what can of worms will the conversation open? Is this one of the non-black people I feel I can open up with? Does racial solidarity cross class lines, behavior lines, etc.

  19. Anonymous on 06 Jul 2008 at 2:55 pm #

    I’ve had the same experience with dog bones/awkward conversation that may or may not sound like it’s racial…I live by H St, am white, and have a dog that I constantly have to police because he can smell those bones long before I spot them. I remember early on when I moved into this neighborhood complaining about all the chicken bones to a black neighbor and wondering if it sounded like some kind of cultural lecture…but then I just decided fuck it, it’s trashy to litter and no reason to feel bad about saying so.

  20. eysqueen on 07 Jul 2008 at 12:52 pm #

    I agree with most of the posts, and want to add a piece of a solution to the solution bin: Talk about it anyway! Silence is compliance, it means you agree and are content with the status quo. I’ve found that the more I talk “real” with white people or any non-black person, that we share similiar stories. Whether it be the chicken bones choking the dogs, the crappy management in our department, disrespectful neighbors, or politics. It is refreshing to find people like me, and the only way to connect with them is to talk to them, without holding back. So I say keep the lines of communication open, unapologetically.

  21. nista206 on 07 Jul 2008 at 2:53 pm #

    Great advice, eysqueen.

  22. Anonymous on 07 Jul 2008 at 4:07 pm #

    nista206 – i stopped being the spokesperson for the race.
    i told those fools if they want to know anything about BLACK PEOPLE…”natural hair” etc to google it. get enough information so that we can have an informed conversation LATER. we were eating lunch at work on on the tv some black people were fighting about a baby daddy and i felt a lil weird. then i was like – that shyt aint go nothing to do with me! so i continued to be ENTERTAINED like everyone else.

  23. Anonymous on 08 Jul 2008 at 6:47 am #

    is that your dog? it looks a hot mess. a hot ghetto mess.

  24. Anonymous on 08 Jul 2008 at 1:41 pm #

    Please, somebody tell me what “get bent” means.

  25. nista206 on 08 Jul 2008 at 1:48 pm #

    Yea, its hard…. Like yesterday, I had lunch w/ a couple ppl & once again, that conversation about what parts of town to stay away from came up… & one guy made the comment, “I was told to stay away from any area that has ward in it.” I live in Houston, so 5th ward & 3rd ward are the “urban” parts of the city. I happen to stay close to 3rd ward; which I love. & then we had a discussion about the Katrina victims that are still here, & causing a lot of ruckus I might add…. so I def felt like Jam having the “dog bone” convo….

  26. Anonymous on 08 Jul 2008 at 4:58 pm #

    Well now, listen, I think that both you and your white pal need to just relax a bit and recognize that anyone who would leave chicken bones outside on the front sidewalk every day is nothing more than a slob, and that slobs come in all colors and persuasions. Remember, slobs are still fair game, and rightly so. You can’t change whether you are black or white or Asian or whatever, which is why dissing people for that reason is morally objectionable.

    But being a slob is a behavioral problem that is fully within a person’s capacity to correct. If they choose not to correct it, then feel free to let them have it. But don’t get yourself all hung up on racial themes when what you’re dealing with is something that is outside of that and, quite frankly, is deserving of some righteous indignation. A black slob doesn’t deserve a break any more than a white one does. If you and your white friend can’t freely dis this slob without worrying about the slob’s race, where will you ever find common ground ?

    Where will any of us ?

    Dave Juliette
    Pittsburgh, PA

  27. Anonymous on 08 Jul 2008 at 6:18 pm #

    “it’s a Chinese fire drill” is racist

  28. jamdonaldson on 08 Jul 2008 at 6:22 pm #

    why is that racist? I figure, a billion people living in a country that small is bound to have a lot of pandemonium and confusion when it comes to spontaneous mandated group activities like a fire drill. call me crazy…

  29. Melody on 08 Jul 2008 at 6:34 pm #

    You know what, forget the chicken bones. It was just lately that I “found out” that chicken bones chokes dogs. Growing up our dog ate them on the regular and never choked, so.. anyway about the conversation dissing one’s own.

    Invariably when I have had a “dissing one’s own” conversation with a person of another race, it starts off simple enough (as they are really slobs for whatever behavior) but soon, and I mean soon (it seems to me) the other person just “goes too far”, all out of the realm of what we started talking about; it is then that I am angry with them for going there and even angrier with myself for even starting the conversation in the first place.

    So you can start those conversations if you want to, I’d rather not indulge, I get too angry when they take it to the next level, and invariably they will.

  30. rob850ci on 08 Jul 2008 at 9:04 pm #

    Jam, everybody knows we black folks are genetically engineered to love chicken.

    Over this past holiday weekend every brother I know (myself included) grilled the Hell out of some chicken.

    Now, they could put that mess in a Hefty and put it in the garbage. The fact that they don’t is just nasty..and I’ll bet cha a buck the apartment has ‘ches, that’s roaCHES for you youngsters!

  31. Anonymous on 09 Jul 2008 at 3:01 am #

    chicken bones do not equal black folks. but filth usually equals poverty. it is possible to talk about filth without making it a black issue. Poverty in white neighborhoods take the form of trucks , tires and tire swings, tin cans and others. Not a black/white thing, its a poverty issue. U should be able to talk about the problem without making chicken bones stereotypical of blacks. Because u are obviously an example that all blacks do not live that way.

  32. Get Togetha on 09 Jul 2008 at 4:07 am #

    My husband and I went to a white cookout and they had a black nanny that looked just like me…talk about awkward.

  33. quianal on 09 Jul 2008 at 3:12 pm #

    People feed into too many stereotypes and become speechless when you check both your own race, and any other (esp. whites) race.

    I have learned life is too short and nobody really gives a shit about you, oh unless it could put them in an un-pc light,…PLEASE.

    I really wanted to reiterate the part about being so conscious of offending someone due to some unspoken PC taboo, that you’re expected to bite your tongue with the comments even though you’ve been disrepected.

    C’mon people. This really is a part of society’s problem.

  34. ShyBlue on 09 Jul 2008 at 7:52 pm #

    Ok, where to begin. First of all, throwing trash on your own front step is nasty, period. Stop it!

    I think that talking about things that need improvement is always a good way to start. You may find that other opinions give you a new perspective on how to go about solving the problems. But I really think the issue here is knowing in your heart what you mean and being able to convey that message to someone else. If your heart is in the right place (cuz i know sometimes when mine aint, and i speak…bad deal) and your ability to communicate is decent(communicate = talking + listening), you will not only come to an understanding but you may find that you are stronger for knowing people that are not exactly like you. I know that there are some ingnorant, unmannered (manners are EVERYTHING!) white people in the world, some are that way because they don’t care that they are offensive and may be racist, some are that way because they never got the message to “be & do better”. Please, don’t make the mistake of automatically assuming that white people, or black people are always ready for a confrontation or to insult someone. (I know, experience probably has taught you that you would be betting to win if you ignore my advice, but try to be a better person.) Listen, if they act like racist trash….you’ll know (and that’s them, not you). If they are unmannered ignoramous’s then give ‘em a break, ignorance is not the same as hate. People need to be more tolerant of others differences (& stupidity) and be more willing to engage in real, honest debate. How else will you learn something?

    And I know, people are SO easily offended. I can’t talk to my own mother about religion without it ending with us not talking for 2 months. Her husband, also, can’t talk to me about politics without me being ready to throw him out of my house. This all stems from not being able to get past your pride and actually LISTEN to someone else’s point of view. We don’t all have to think/do/live/look the same way, and I’m glad we don’t. Me agreeing with you, doesn’t make what you are saying any more or less true. But if we don’t start talking I will never understand what makes you do what you do.

  35. rob850ci on 09 Jul 2008 at 9:55 pm #

    True, chicken bones don’t equal black folks…nor does filth equal poverty.

    Filth is simply a frame of mind. You telling me you don’t know any nasty middle class and upper class folks?


    It was just a joke. However, I did lay mine out, ask my neighbors…some white, some black. What can I say? The brother can throw down in the kitchen and on the grill.

    My greens will make you pat your foot. Oh wait, is that a sterotype?

    You know; black folks and greens!?!? (With smoked turkey, by the way!)

  36. Anonymous on 10 Jul 2008 at 2:59 pm #


  37. inthelou on 10 Jul 2008 at 7:11 pm #

    Anonymous said…”filth usually equals poverty”

    I have to take issue with that statement. My parents grew up in Louisiana with very little to no money, and they did not throw chicken bones, food, or trash of any kind in front of their homes or on the street. If they did, their asses surely would have been kicked by a parent, a neighbor, a reverend – somebody!

    The problem is a lack of respect for home, neighborhood and community and that’s possible regardless of your economic situation.

  38. jamdonaldson on 10 Jul 2008 at 8:59 pm #

    I am so glad you said that inthelou. To equate filth and poverty is outrageous and part of the dangerous philosophy of “they dont know any better”. What about being poor menas you throw trash all over the place. Not only is it a cop-out, its an insult to those with very modest means who have great pride in their surroundings. Not having money doesnt give you pass on unacceptable behavior. PERIOD. Only when we begin to hold everyone to the same high standards, will we move forward.

  39. Markiesnana on 10 Jul 2008 at 10:17 pm #

    I think you SHOULD speak up about the bones. As someone has already noted; bones like that can do great damage to your dog.
    Well, if neighbors think you should just keep your dog away while walking….You STILL have the right to be disgusted at the messy neighborhood. People who keep things all nasty and messy show that they don’t even respect their own homes.
    I don’t care what color you or your neighbors are. Everything you said was true. Just go ahead and voice your opinion. I can assure you that trains won’t derail.
    Good luck!

  40. Anonymous on 11 Jul 2008 at 12:17 am #

    Oh my goodness, I read each and every post…and loved it.

    I’ve purchased my home almost 10yrs ago and I love my little house. But this past weekend I really considered selling.

    I came home to find a grocery cart in the middle of the street between my house and my neighbor’s house. I wanted to SCREAM!

    It was like the last straw. It seems that over the yrs it has gotten progressively worse with the trash. I don’t understand it. I basically dread trash day becasue I have no idea what will blow down the street (from trach cans put out) and inevitably land on my front lawn or in my back yard. Not to mention the potoatoe chip bags and candy wrappers that I have to pick up from (I assume)kids walking through from the store around the corner).

    Why should I have to move because some of my neighbors are nasty?

    I can’t wait to catch the nasty little culprit. I have every intention on letting my voice be heard.

  41. Mel on 11 Jul 2008 at 1:25 am #

    this is great. i’ve never read anything on this site before. black people & chicken sensitivity??! hilarious! another issue that can be somewhat sensitive: comments about places or things being “ghetto”–i heard a comment (and i agreed) about a place being “ghetto” and a teenage boy was a little annoyed, asking, “what makes it ghetto? why would you say that?” i dont’ know what the response was, i just made light of the conversation saying, “what? you don’t know what ghetto is? let’s go, i’ll take you to go visit my granny!” i didn’t feel the comment was racist at all, but then it became a racial comment.

    anyway, your writing is engaging and comical. :0)

  42. Anonymous on 11 Jul 2008 at 5:48 am #


  43. nista206 on 11 Jul 2008 at 1:12 pm #

    Anonymous… you must not love black people enough to use your own name & post your comment. Jam isn’t low-rating black people, he’s simply making observations. If you don’t like it, read something else that will better soothe your ego.

  44. ms_mac on 12 Jul 2008 at 3:39 pm #

    @ Anonymous … July 11, 2008 1:48 AM

    Jesse, is that you??

  45. Anonymous on 12 Jul 2008 at 3:56 pm #

    I think think that the cure, for now, is just what we’re doing: open and for the most part, non-critical dialogue in an open, albiet, somewhat anonymous and protected forum.

  46. Anonymous on 12 Jul 2008 at 10:57 pm #


    Stop hating on her! She’s just keeping it real. Almost everything that she says is the truth. Stop being so sensitive!

  47. Kiril in NO on 13 Jul 2008 at 7:48 pm #

    OT: then we had a discussion about the Katrina victims that are still here, & causing a lot of ruckus I might add….

    “THANK YOU, HOUSTON” — bumper sticker in New Orleans

  48. Anonymous on 14 Jul 2008 at 5:18 am #

    Shit, I’m mixed, we’re financially comfortable, and our neighborhood of people has a lot of diversity. We were outraged when a single white 50′ish ALCOHOLIC psychiatrist moved into the neighborhood and then proceeded to TRASH the house. ALL of us talked about it. Black, White, AND otherwise. (You know there’s more than just Black/White, right? LOL)

    My point being. The bitch was stone cold crazy. She single-handedly was bringing down our home values, LOL! ALL of us began to make DAILY and I mean DAILY calls to the city’s Code Enforcement office to apply pressure. After about a month of this, they took it very seriously and the pressure basically ran her out of the neighborhood.

    Oddly enough, she seemed so nice when she moved in. Everyone was happy to have her. Until she started her wacky shit. Never did race manifest itself in conversation with neighbors. She was just a loser.

  49. Megan on 18 Jul 2008 at 8:58 pm #

    Um. It’s an honest mistake, but Nista? Jam’s a female.

  50. LeeNo Gravatar on 10 Sep 2008 at 4:19 pm #

    Hilarious… (CBB, I know it well.)

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